The 5th annual Internet of Manufacturing X.o USA event is coming this May. IOM 2021 dates are 24th to 27th May 2021 presenting in a new virtual mode. The event will span for four day covering more than 10 hours of case studies and interactive sessions. It will be witnessed by more than 300 attendees 60% to 70% of which come from manufacturing background.  After four consecutive years of Internet of Manufacturing, the established is coming back this year with a new look.

Now as Manufacturing X.o US events we lead with content first approach stringing together the best case studies from manufacturers and moving forward with digital transformations and industry 4.0 plans. Manufacturing X.o US is coming this time with interactive, educational case study led and networking sessions, to ensure engagement of virtual world. The IOM 2021 dates agenda focuses on approaches needed with people, products and processes. This will ensure that the attendees stay engaged in captivating case studies directly from the source i.e. the manufacturer, especially related to advances in automation, through predictive analytics, to topics including latest in VR innovation.

The day wise agenda and slotting is as follows

Day 1: Monday, May 24,  2021

Manufacturing X.0 & supply chain X.0 keynote plenary will start at 11.00 am ET with consultants clinic hosted by IDC, attendees can join a facilitated zoom room discussion with peers, led by IDC’s world renowned analyst.

This will be followed by short break after which from 12.30 pm ET the people, products, processes: Managing digitalization of your global supply chain before, during & after a pandemic by Dr. Dirk Holbach, CSCO laundry & home care, Corporate senior Vice President, Managing Director, Henkel Global Supply Chain B.V

The next presentation and live question answer session will be led by Madhu Bangalore, Leader – Data & Analytics, Celanese who will discuss on the data conundrum: Successfully managing the data problem still faced by manufacturing companies. Attendees will enjoy this session as Madhu really digs into what it is to manage data; what it means to coordinate approaches to your CRM, taxonomy, gaining CFO support, getting IT and OT teams working together, up skilling your supply chain, etc.

After a short agenda break the day will conclude with MXD future factory floor interactive tour & question and answer, preceded by Tony Del Sesto, technical fellow, MXD;  Alyssa Sullivan, Senior Director of external relations, MXD.

MXD is the nation’s digital manufacturing institute and the national center for cyber security in manufacturing, who will be virtually welcoming Manufacturing & Supply Chain X.0 attendees back to its innovation center in Chicago with an updated tour.

A new attraction is the opportunity to dive into MXD’s factory floor areas devoted to educating manufacturers on cyber security for operational technology. MXD’s cyber wall and cyber platform cover the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) cyber security framework concepts – like identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover – and offer practical, low- and no-cost tips for manufacturers of all sizes to improve their cyber resiliency.

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Day 2: Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Manufacturing X.0 predictive analytics & data strategies sessions will begin at 11 am with Amit Dingare, Director of Data Science, Novelis, who will discuss case study on “Using  machine learning in the aluminum industry”. This will especially be an attractive session for those interested in a practical case study on machine learning in the manufacturing industry.

The next session will be on “Reassessing manufacturers’ data structure”, where attendees will be enlightened with techniques to achieve harmonization across various data sources, agility to scale your data roadmap, without jeopardizing the structure needed to support its success.

First half of the Internet of Manufacturing day will conclude with product pitches x 3 + 3 exhibitor giveaways, before taking a scheduled break.

The second half of day will start at 2.30 pm with a panel discussion on Response Recovery and Reinvigoration- Business practices during & post-pandemic led by Christine Moroz, Vice President of Merchandising, SYSCO Prairie Region; Ingrid Sampson, Director, Global Supply Chain Management, Lockheed Martin.

The day will end by attendees participating in small group of closed room discussions. Room 1 will discuss “Managing IT/OT in the new reality”, while room 2 will talk about “Ensuring diversity & inclusion in a remote, hybrid & on-premise work environment”. Room 3 will exchange views on” From automation to IOT – where and how do you start if you are a small operation, and then scale without wasting time and money?”

Day 3: Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Manufacturing X.0 People & Planning

The day will start with presentation and live question answer session on “Transforming with people and technology to solve the business problems you already have” with Alice De Casanove, Culture Evolution, Innovation Director, Airbus.

Karen Matthews, Digital Transformation, 5G, IOT & Industry 4.0 Innovation Leader will be the moderator for the next panel discussion with prominent members in industry like;  Brent Ruth, Digital Operations and ERP Strategy Team Leader, Caterpillar INC.; Ricardo N. Schiochet, Digital Manufacturing Lead LAO – COE Operation; Kimberly-Clark; Jeff Shura, Sr. Director of Engineering, Conagra Foods; Ryan Wheeler, Advanced Manufacturing Technologist, Associate Director, Collins Aerospace on the topic “How do you ‘transform’ through technology? Starting with the business outcome.” It will be interesting to hear the views of the panelist on the “Ps” plan, product, people and process to start or reevaluate digital transformation.

From 12.30 pm to 1.30 pm attendees will be engaged in product pitches x 3 + 3 exhibitor giveaways.

After a break the second half will see another panel discussion on “Directing change  & OT/IT collaboration during & post-pandemic”, moderated by Terri Lewis, Director & Founder, Planet Connected along with Paul W Brager, Jr M.S., Director, Global OT security programs, Digital Technology (DT);  Baker Hughes; Gilbert Meyer-Gauen, Director, Asset Management, National Oilwell Varco; Robert Stucky, Lead Manufacturing Engineer, Sylvansport.

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Day 4: Thursday, May 27, 2021

Manufacturing X.0 technology investment, the table topics for discussion will be innovation: Where exactly is your innovation going to come from? What does it look like, and how do you manage its growth within a large organization? Should you be nurturing startup talent who can build your industrial legacy, and how?

A discussion preceded by Yaron Flint, Director – Innovation, Strategy and Operations, Head of Israeli Operations, Co-pace, Startup Organization of Continental.

Simultaneously other rooms will have discussions on “Tech build vs. Buy? The famous question that can be applied to your platforms, tools, people and beyond. Do you work with third parties, or build your own platforms?”

After break the second half of the day will see presentation on IT/OT Convergence: Planning, Planning &…more planning by Christopher Nichols, Director IT/OT resiliency & support, Stanley Black & Decker, INC.

The last session of the 4 day symposium will be on “Simulation in product design & production” by Amit Dingare, Director of Data Science, Novelis.

Last year the IoM helped a lot of companies with ideas, successes and failures. This has provided an opportunity to understand the pitfalls and the ways to avoid it. IOM 2021 aims to get better by being a virtual bridging in bringing the best in industry together under one umbrella.

Image Courtesy: Pixabay