Martech Summits provide a unique platform for the best minds in marketing technology from a wide range of industries through this virtual summit. Martech 2021 summits will be conducted virtually this year and will cover a wide range of topics catering to specific and well as broad covering topics.

The Martech Summit will discuss the advancements in Marketing Technologies, from Web Analytics, SEO and eCommerce, to Chatbots, CRM, Business Intelligence and Customer Engagement tools. The program will focus majorly on exploring the development of digital marketing, considering new technologies and best practices for maximizing audience reach, engagement, messaging and sales with the help of latest tools and technologies.

The Martech summit will be live on, Wednesday, 24th February 2021 from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm GMT. It’s free for all to attend. Especially for the end-users in marketing, technology and management roles. The summit has more than 400 participants, 16 topics with 4 sessions and 20 speakers.

This summits aims at providing an opportune platform for the senior marketing and digital personnel’s to exchange knowledge, discuss and explore high level of networking. This summit, through the virtual stage, is assembling various leading thinkers and practitioners from around the Martech landscape.

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Key Features of the Summit

The virtual summit will be an interactive sessions where the attendees can listen to the keynote speakers from industry leaders, participate networking in chat room sessions, along with experiencing the interactive exhibition hall. This ultra modern virtual event can be attended from anywhere in the world. Bookings for pre registrations are now open at

Marketing has been changing over the past decade, and now with digital transformation along with availability of various tools and technologies have envisioned the marketing field. The session will open with progression and means for business opportunity, customer engagement and growth.

Session 1

The first session will begin at 9.15 am with welcome note and introduction by Mark Stephen, Journalist & Broadcaster, BBC Scotland. This will be followed by “The Art and Science of Marketing Transformations” by Peter Proud, CEO, Forrit, that will discuss core requirements of an effective organization, the key technologies and components etc. Other topics that will be addressed are “Leveraging the Digital Opportunity” and “Using Customer Insights & Data for Customer-Focused Marketing”

The session will conclude with a combine question and answer panel with Vivienne McLaren, Head of Marketing, Ideagen , Dr Christine Bailey, CMO, Valitor, Stuart McMillan, Head of Multi-Channel, Tiso Group, Peter Proud, CEO, Forrit.

Session 2

The second session will starts after a break converging in longer individual slots on a variety of topics.

The 3 breakouts will run simultaneously of 30 minutes each, allowing the attendees an opportunity to choose one of the 3 options to attend. The others breakouts will be available after the session on demand. The breakout options include

“Content Optimization: Why SEO Search Intent Matters More Than Ever” led by Kathryn Strachan, Managing Director, Copy House.
“Auditing Your Website for SEO” by Craig Campbell, SEO Consultant & Trainer.
“The Value of Values”, Firas Khnaisser, Head of Decisioning, Standard Life Aberdeen & Chair of DMA Scotland
“Marketing Evolution: How the Tools and the Trade are Changing” by Hans Smans, Founder & Lead Consultant, Smans Marketing Consultancy and
Facebook Measurement and Analytics by Lina Poka, Marketing Consultant & Facebook Trainer, Facebook

Session 3

The third session will commence post lunch and will focus on future of the, marketing and use of technology effectively for the welfare of organization. The summit will feature how MarTech can assist in key business outcomes followed by role of AI and personalization. Some topics covered will be

“The Future of Marketing: Leveraging MarTech to Support Key Business Outcomes” discussed by Maegan Lujan, Director: Solutions & Services, Toshiba .
Daniel Winterstein, CTO, Good-Loop will talk on “The Increasing Role of AI and Personalized Marketing”.
In addition Benjamin Bloom, Senior Director Analyst, Gartner will talk on “Key MarTech Trends to Power Digital Transformation in 2021”
Combined question and answer panel will consist of all the session 3 speakers along with Mark Stephen, Journalist & Broadcaster, BBC Scotland.

The virtual Martech summit will conclude with closing remarks and by summarizing the direction of current trends and the approach of leading brands. The session will then be open for networking and exhibition. The session will be free for the marketing and digital technology and management roles. Suppliers (‘vendors’) of technology products and services, business development/ sales personnel, consultancy & recruitment will be charged a £99 + VAT fee to join; this is in accordance with our terms and conditions.

Last year the Virtual Martech Summit was organized by BEETc in August 2020 with a focus on Customer Experience & Engagement. The aim being to explore how to attract and keep the scarce attention of everyday customers by offering flawless customer experiences that will translate into a long-lasting loyal customer relationship with new technologies. Major topics covered were Leveraging Multi-Purpose Content, Live Video Marketing Innovation, Digital Storytelling, Marketing Automation Excellence, How AI Can Drive Engagement, Customer-Centric Strategizing, etc.

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