Businesses across the spectrum are striving to face the challenges that the current coronavirus disruption presents.

Few areas are directly affected as the airlines, which has resulted in an instant and severe decline in demand.

The Current Situation

As Delta CEO Ed Bastian wrote in a letter to the company’s team, the company is presently witnessing more cancellations than increased bookings over the following month.

And as a consequence of this, Delta now assumes a capacity loss of 40% in the next few months, “the highest capacity decline in Delta’s history, including 2001.”

Only some days ago, Delta was watching at a 15% capacity decrease.

Unlike some of its opponents, including United and American, Delta states it is further dropping all of its flights to Europe for the following 30 days.

For Delta, this indicates parking 300 aircraft. The company has further declared a hiring halt and is presently giving optional unpaid leaves, too.

“We’ll be executing more crucial decisions on our acknowledgement in times to come,” Bastian pens. “The condition is running and expected to be growing worse. But what has not replaced is this: Delta continues to be properly positioned to weather a hurricane of this magnitude than ever previously in our history. We’ve given a decade developing a strong, flexible airline powered by the most qualified professionals in the business. We will get over this, and observing clear, firm action now will assure that we are properly positioned to resume our business when consumers begin to fly again.”

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Other Airlines Follows Suit

Delta is not alone in this movement. American Airlines is decreasing its global capacity by 34%. Lufthansa previously said it’s preparing to reduce capacity by 50% and probably flooring all of its A380s or also momentarily stopping all operations.

The direction things are moving, the airline enterprise will look pretty different once this mess ends.

For Delta mainly, this is a distant shout from keynoting CES and including a collection of latest technology solutions.

Only several months ago, after all, the airline enterprise was still in the midst of a boom.

Now, the focus isn’t on bright new tech but quickly making it into the following few months.

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