Trellis Data, an Australian machine learning firm has raised $3 million in growth capital with the support of its lead investor, Main Sequence Ventures by CSIRO. The Canberra-based ML company says the capital raised puts it in a stronger position to boost expansion in Australia and internationally. The funds will also be used to further develop its world-leading Trellis Intelligence Platform.

Trellis Data on raising funds

Michael Gately, CEO of Trellis Data says it has truly been a great journey since they started this company a couple of years ago. The support received by the company, especially from investors like Main Sequence Ventures has enabled them to accelerate their technology to enable them to gain rapid market share, adds Gately. It has also put them in a position to launch global expansion in the year 2020, he adds saying the company’s mission is to build the future via machine learning and the journey has just begun. 

The key to Trellis Data’s growth is harnessing world-leading neural network techniques and real-time explanations that are reliable to solve their customer’s problems, he says. The platform by Trellis leverages sound, video, structured data and documents independently and in combination to solve the most complex issues at hand, Gately concludes.

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About machine learning firm Trellis Data

Trellis Data is an Australian company that is dedicated to developing sophisticated machine learning platforms. Its core platform is Trellis Intelligence Platform (TIP), a deep learning platform designed to help deep learning experts as well as non-experts solve complex issues by creating, training and deploying trusted deep learning solutions. It is delivered by Trellis as a Software-as-a-Service and has been designed to help enterprises scale. 

Founded in the year 2016, Trellis is 100% owned and operated and delivers its sovereign machine learning platform across commercial, government and not-for-profit organizations. They also cater to the defense and intelligence sector along with the financial sector.

They aim at making the complex deep learning environment better understandable in a quicker and a cheaper way to help organizations achieve their KPIs, reduce organizational risk and improve reputation. It provides a ‘one-click’ machine learning feature to create and deploy neural networks that allows non-data scientists to leverage the power of artificial intelligence to solve complex business problems.

The machine learning company says it has seen tremendous success since its launch and has grown profitably over the last 3 years. Trellis Data says that it is aiming towards continuously building on this success further with this freshly raised capital. The funding raised will go towards scaling across Australian private sector and Government markets in addition to international expansion in 2021.

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Image Courtesy: Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay