The best part of owning a small business is that you get to be involved in many different things. Right from creating a marketing plan, choosing suitable candidates, to managing inventory, handling clients and budgeting, you are the jack of all trades. But, managing all of the things all alone can be one of the greatest challenges too.

Once your business starts growing, you might seldom have time to give your complete time and attention in every department. Hiring experts to help you with some of these tasks is always an option. But, when it comes to your managing your finances, you should make sure, everything is perfect. This is because when it comes to your finances, you need to look after everything that includes keeping track of expenses, monthly payroll, paying taxes, sending out invoices and much more.

Meanwhile, there are a few finance applications for small businesses that can come to your rescue. These apps are designed in a way that let you focus on what’s most important and help simplify your daily tasks. iTMunch has come up with a list of top 10 finance tools for businesses that can you help you streamline all your finance-related tasks and ensure your business runs effectively. Keep reading to learn more and use suitable ones for your business.

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Finance apps: Banking

1. Capital One Mobile
One of the most commonly use mobile banking apps, Capital One Mobile lets you manage your credit cards, bank accounts, loans, transfer money and many other things, anywhere and anytime.

2. Simple
This app is ideal for small businesses as it allows its users manage their finances, pay bills, monitor expenses and savings, and others. Simple is the whole idea of online banking, which is remade with beautiful design, and without any fees.

Business finance apps: Budgeting

3. Mint
If you are looking for an app that can help you stick to your monthly or weekly budget, Mint is one of the most suitable options. After pulling information from your bank and credit accounts, this application will provide you with weekly reports to track your expenses. You can even create budgets, and Mint will tell you if you are succeeding at sticking to it.

4. Spendee
Another simple app to use, Spendee helps you understand your finances at a glance. This includes what you spend money on how those habits match up with- or miss- your goals.

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Financial tools: Accounting

5. Quickbooks
Quickbooks is another app that tops the list of the best fiancé apps for accounting. From basic accounting for taxes, inventory and payroll to close-up profitability analyses, Quickbooks offers it all. Make sure you try their 30 days free trial for a better understanding. Know about this app here.

6. Wave
With more than 2 million users, Wave is perfect for managing accounting, payroll and invoicing needs. If by chance you run into any problems, the Wave can get you connected with a local accountant through its “find an account’ feature. Click here to know more.

Financial Apps: Miscellaneous

7. Loan Calculator Pro
As the name suggests, Loan Calculator Pro helps you calculate your monthly loan payments, based on your loan amount, term, and annual interest rate. And the best part you get all of this with no cost at all.

8. Chargify
If you have any online subscriptions in any form, you should consider using Chargify. This app allows you to manage coupons, special offers, expiration dates, and renewal plans. So, next time you would not have to worry about renewing any subscription!

These are the eight apps that can help you effectively manage your business finances. Don’t forget to make the most of these technological innovations that can make your business simpler and more organised! Keep reading iTMunch for more such finance related blogs and updates!