“Hey, do you play Wordle?”

We are pretty sure at least one of your friends, family members, and colleagues may have popped this question in recent weeks. 

Wordle’s popularity has exploded in recent weeks, and rightly so. It’s mind-tickling, exciting, and one of the easiest games to understand. Whether you find it easy to guess the word of the day in 6 attempts is a whole new debate. 

Wordle is a word game in which players are supposed to guess the ‘word of the day’ in six attempts. While Wordle’s popularity grew due to this concept, a lot of players are expecting more. 

Guessing just a single word each day may not be enough for many. Are you one of them?

If yes, you have come to the right place. 

Wordle is great but there are some pretty amazing Wordle alternatives that can keep your mind busy for a longer time. 

In this blog, we will explore some of the best Wordle alternatives which we are sure you will enjoy playing. 

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Wordle alternatives for you

1. Squabble

Wordle is a pretty relaxing word game, right? It allows you to pace yourself and identify the word without any pressure of time. 

Squabble is the opposite as it introduces battle royale to the classic game of Wordle. 

In Squabble, players have to guess the correct word with the assistance of colored boxes. However, the twist is that they have to do that with more than a hundred other players who are attempting to guess the word. 

What is the objective here? Players need to keep an eye on the health- bar on the top of their screen. They need to ensure that the bar is as high as possible so that you can come ahead of your opponents. 

If you take a long time to guess the word, the chances of your health decreasing go down. When you guess the word correctly, your health increases. 

2. WordleCup

No, we did not misspell World Cup here. It is exactly what you think it is. In WordleCup, you have to play against your friends and competitors and the objective is to guess the right word while beating your opponent at the same time. 

Players can customize the length of the words, customize time rounds, and also choose the number of rounds. Apart from that, the rules here are similar to Wordle, where green and yellow letters appear before you guess the word before your chances are over. 

3. Quordle and Dordle

Are you bored of guessing only a single word each day? Does that not make a cut for you? 

If yes, Dordle is there for you. It allows users to guess multiple words simultaneously. Even Quordle is an interesting game that lets users look for four words at the same time. 

The only catch here is that you have to solve Quordle and Dordle with the same letters that are being guessed at the same time. 

You have to guess the five-letter word in both games. The only difference is that Dordle gives you seven chances and Quordle allows you to guess the word in nice chances. 

4. Sweardle

Word WTF! retro lettering shadow

One of the first things people around the world are curious to know while learning a new language is cuss words in that language. 

Sweardle adds a different twist to the classic version and is not designed for people who are looking to improve their vocabulary. Besides, it is not a game for everybody. 

Sweardle is Wordle but only for swear words. The green and yellow letter color code are very much present here. However, here, there are only four-letter words. 

5. Worldle

Continents on planet earth

Again, this is not a typo from our end. There is a game called Wordle that actually exists. 

It is a country-based Wordle alternative that wants users to guess the right nation every day. In Worldle, the hints are not in yellow or green, but geographical in nature. 

There are geographical hints such as a direction from other countries, distance from other countries, along with a silhouette of the country’s map. 

6. Absurdle

Have you become a Wordle pro and find it a bit too easy? Is it not challenging enough anymore for you?

If that is the case, Absurdle is a good Wordle alternative you should try. In many ways, Absurdle is just a clone of Wordle that wants users to guess the five-letter word of the day. What’s the catch?

The word can change as you play. Here you are primarily playing against an AI that uses your guesses to determine the right answer, eliminating anything that has a letter you have used. 

Absurdle requires a unique approach and a different strategy altogether. It may seem complicated in the beginning, but you will soon get the hand of it. 

7. SpellTower

SpellTower is the combination of Wordle and Jenga. It is one game that will get you hooked right from the start. The game is developed by the mobile game developer Zach Gage.

The idea here is very simple: build words by using the adjacent letter tiles. The part where you have to rack your brains a little bit is where the tower crashes each time you pick a word out. The game is available on iOS and Android. 

8. Wordle Unlimited

Wordle Unlimited is nothing but Wordle. The difference is that here you can play as many games as you like each day, unlike Wordle which allows you to guess only one word every day. 

Users can also choose the difficulty level by changing the length of the word from four to eleven letters. You can also create a custom puzzle for your friends and ask them to beat you.

Final Wordles (words)

There is no doubt that Wordle’s popularity has grown more than one could ever imagine. It has found its way into popular culture and for a good reason. 

However, banking on Wordle’s success, a number of Wordle alternatives have emerged in recent weeks. This has truly sparked a new wave of excitement among people who like playing such wonderful word games. 

There are a bunch of themed Wordle alternatives that are popping up each day. Be it a Harry Potter-themed or around food, there is a Wordle-like game for every one of you out there. 

So what are you waiting for, go try all these games, and thank us later!

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