You can find an immense amount of content telling you ways to boost your productivity, content for life hacks, shortcuts, tips etc. While all of this contributes to a good read, sometimes after a hectic and tiring day at work, you might want to just surf the internet aimlessly?

There is no doubt that internet is vast and consists of a wonderful trove of information. But, this information can also get overwhelming quickly. Read iTMunch’s latest tech blog, to know the 7 most entertaining websites to pass your time on the internet when you are bored of working all day.

WaitButWhy website for feeding your curiosity

If you are looking to mix humour with your daily dose of information, you should definitely check out the WaitButWhy website. Tim Urban weekly updates the site with some long, fascinating, in-depth articles with a pinch of humour as well. You can read about absolutely anything from relationships, religion, history, latest developments etc.

Apartment Therapy website for the architect in you

Make your home sweet home more beautiful and a happy place with useful insights and ideas for the ApartmentTherapy website. You can pick some inspirational and useful tips for revamping or making minor changes to your house/ office. This website offers a combination of valuable insights from experts, shopping guides and DIY creative ideas for your décor. You can learn how to make optimum utilization of the available space in your house. If you are a fan of home décor and want to check out some awesome visual and written content, definitely check out this website!

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Wikipedia for the information collector

Wikipedia is one of the most amazing places to pass time. If you have missed out some episodes of your favourite sitcom, you can visit this website. You can even read the plot for a movie you wish to watch. Wikipedia has information about everything and anything, from your favourite celeb to Russian Revolution, the information available on Wikipedia is mind-boggling. You can even edit and update content in your free time.

Flame Painter website for passing your time while being creative

There is nothing like distressing with some art. Flame painter allows you to leave your worries behind and bring out the creative side of yours. Visit the website and just move your mouse to make a cool shape and then click and drag to create flames. They also have other features such as creating vibrant doodles with a dynamic fiery brush.

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Attack of the cute for every time you feel angry or frustrated

This is the best place to go when life pulls you down. Attack of the Cute is a photo blog where readers from all around the world can contribute pictures of their cute and adorable pets. You can find all types of cute animals from cats, dogs, rabbits, ferrets, pandas and other types of animals from the zoo. It is an office-friendly website that will definitely bring a smile to your face on a busy day.

Pinterest for all things visual

Pinterest has definitely taken the internet by storm and is the best platform to find some of the most aesthetically pleasing images. Images of DIY creative hacks, high fashion, beautiful scenic pictures, delicious dishes and many more are available on Pinterest. If you love looking at all things beautiful and creative, you have to give Pinterest a try!

Overstock for the shopaholic in you

Overstock is a third-party clearance centre and is an upscale bargain shopping. You can find everything from watches, cameras clothing to furniture, décor items etc. all under one roof for unbelievable prices. If you are overworked and want some shopping therapy, you should definitely visit this website for an ultimate shopping experience.

The internet is a strange yet extremely useful invention. While it can be an excellent source of information, you could also have some fun with it and visit the above-mentioned websites for some light-hearted entertainment.

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