In developing markets, up to 80% of the people may have to depend on informally-run city transport to get about—actually, privately-run buses and cars.

Importance of Journey-Planning Apps

However journey-planning apps that serve well for passengers in advanced markets like New York or London do not run well in developing markets, which is why you can’t merely flip open an app such as Citymapper in Lagos, Nigeria.

Moreover, movement is a crucial operator of social, administrative, and commercial growth. If you can’t get about, you can’t develop as a country, so it’s essential for these developing economies.

What is WhereIsMyTransport?

WhereIsMyTransport concentrates in mapping these formal and informal public transportation systems in developing markets.

They have mapped 34 towns in Africa and are mapping cities in India, Southeast Asia and Latin America.

Its combined flow API involves established algorithms, innovations and abilities created for complicated transportation networks in these developing markets.

It’s presently obtained a $7.5 million Series A funding round started by Liil Ventures, that further involves repeating investors Global Innovation Fund and Goodwell Investments, plus latest diplomatic backing from Google, Nedbank, and Toyota Tsusho Corporation (TTC).

The program presently has more than 750,000 km of tracks in 39 cities and the latest diplomatic investment will stimulate additional international extension.

Devin de Vries, stated: “We make the unseen seen, by gathering all sorts of data associated to public transportation and converting the data into information that can be bestowed with the people who require it most.

In developing markets, the movement ecosystem is complicated; standard public transport doesn’t work like regular public transport.

WhereIsMyTransport concentrates in mapping public transportation | iTMunch

Automotive Division’s CEO of Toyota Tsusho Corporation, Mr Masato Yamanami, also stated that “our division’s global system that includes 146 countries is fundamentally concentrated on newly developing countries where people depend on everyday public transport.

By vital collaboration with WhereIsMyTransport, we will secure better and more effective mobility services that assist in solving social difficulties and adding to the overall financial growth of nations, mainly emerging countries.”

Lastly, Chief Executive Officer of Global Innovation Fund, Alix Peterson Zwane, responded: “Common and usually unstable mass transition is a notable obstacle that disproportionately afflicts poor people.

We are delighted to proceed to work with WhereIsMyTransport to make mass transport in developing cities more convenient and more valuable.”

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