AOC, one of the biggest monitor brands in the world has announced the launch of a new gaming brand, AGON.

The latest development will bring AOC’s gaming hardware portfolio under a single lineup. Besides, the brand announcement is strategically crafted to combine AOC’s current gaming peripherals and broaden their horizon for casual gamers, esports players, and competitive gamers. 

AOC has launched a new website with the new branding to make a statement. 

In a very noticeable gaming theme of the website, AOC has stated the AGON products are powered by high-end technology and features to provide the best resolution and highest refresh rates. 

The idea behind rolling out the AGON brand is to inspire more gamers at the entry-level. 

It is interesting to learn that AGON is an ancient Greek word for fierce competition. The gaming monitors under the new tag are predominantly designed to help gamers take on all types of in-game challenges and compete at the highest level. 

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AOC asserts domination in gaming monitor market

AOC continues to remain a formidable force in the global gaming monitor market. The latest development will push AOC ahead of its competitors and make it a world leader in terms of market share. 

General Manager of MMD Singapore, Kevin Wu said that the company has paid heed to what their customers are saying, and ‘AGON by AOC’ will provide much more than gaming monitors. 

He further said that AOC is also offering excellent ergonomic and peripheral enhancements that ensure optimum comfort, efficiency, and accuracy. AOC is committed to creating a favorable environment for gaming communities and talents. Their new products and extended product portfolios are already attracting a huge number of fans from around the world. 

‘AGON by AOC’ is the company’s way of staying ahead of the curve in today’s rapidly evolving gaming industry. 

Exciting times are ahead for gamers

As ‘AGON by AOC’ continues to construct a robust gaming ecosystem around the world, the vision of the company’s stakeholders is clear – expand!

As of now ‘AGON’, ‘AGON PRO’, and ‘AOC Gaming’ are the sub-brands that are nesting under the ‘AGON by AOC’ banner. Each sub-brand offers a unique mix of features and designs and also has separate target users. 

AOC is moving away from hardcore esports professionals and tapping onto the interests of ‘casual’ to ‘ambitious’ gamers.

The main idea behind launching the ‘AGON by AOC gaming portfolio is to generate interest among all types of competitive gamers. In fact, even newbies can enter the competitive gaming scene as a key part of the AGON community. 

Why are gamers in awe of ‘AGON by AOC’?

Hardware reviewers and the gaming community have embraced ‘AGON by AOC’ with open arms, and for a good reason. 

The monitors under the brand’s new gaming strategy are truly a work of art due to the world-class ergonomics, quality of materials, and top-notch features. 

Besides, AOC has no intention of settling and is seeking new avenues to grow and improve. The ‘AGON by AOC’ brand is destined for further expansion in the coming years. 

Evolving marketing dynamics to attract gamers

Leading brands such as AOC, Dell, ASUS, and more have been successfully engaging with gamers due to their thorough study of how the gaming industry operates. 

Gone are the days when gaming was looked down upon and considered a bane more than a boon. Besides, back in the day, a lot of generic beliefs linked to gaming prohibited advertisers from marketing their products to all demographics.

However, as things continue to evolve within the gaming market, product developers, advertisers, along marketers are playing the catch-up game.

New technologies and products are making the gaming industry more appealing and also increasing engagement. 

Did you know that the global gaming market is bigger than the global film and music market?

Yes, that’s right! 

In 2019, with around 2.6 billion gamers, the global video game market generated total revenue of around $135 billion [1]. 

The market is huge and offers lucrative opportunities for players engaged in the hardware and software space. This is why companies like AOC are investing considerable resources to develop new branding strategies and products.

Gaming is no more for the nerds!


Gaming is for nerds? Did you know that around 65% of adults in the U.S. play video games? Do you still think it is only for the nerds?

As gaming continues to become a very popular mode of entertainment, the “gamer” stereotype will soon become extinct. Hardware brands and gaming companies are engrossed in making top-quality games more accessible to everyone. 

‘AGON by AOC’ is set to change the face of competitive gaming in the upcoming months. As the company continues to attract more gamers, it is safe to say that AOC’s rivals will also follow suit and come up with innovative strategies to stay relevant in the current competitive landscape. 

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