Hoping to deliver revolutionary smart Platforms-as-a-service in the Oceania region, Hitachi Australia has announced a strategic partnership with BizCubed. Through this solidified association, Australian data engineering company BizCubed and Hitachi Australia will co-create socially innovative cloud computing solutions. In addition to other software, the two companies will majorly collaborate to bring Hitachi’s leading tech solutions to Australia and combine it with BizCubed’s Data Engineering and Enablement Platform (DEEP).

According to a report released by Deloitte, 42% of businesses in Australia use some form of paid cloud services. 78% of these users have reported productivity improvements since they started using cloud services [1]. These include PaaS, SaaS and other types of cloud computing services. Recognizing the growing interest and willingness to invest in cloud services, Hitachi Australia wishes to leverage it by delivering excellent cloud solutions. 

More on the Hitachi Australia-BizCubed partnership

As per the Mid-term Management Plan, Hitachi has announced its goal to become a world leader of Social Innovation Business. Through this, Hitachi aims to create innovative solutions for the Internet of Things era with added economic, environmental and social value. Australia-based BizCubed Pty. Ltd. is a leading data engineering firm that has been a key delivery partner of Hitachi Australia since 2015. Recently, the company was recognized by Hitachi for its excellent contribution in advancing smart farming and digital agriculture.

Managing Director of Hitachi Australia, Chie Mashima says she has great expectations from this collaboration to grow their Social Innovation Business in the Oceania region. In this region, they aim to build a people-centric smart society. Chie says BizCubed’s data management technology is vital and she is convinced this partnership is a good step towards the company’s goal.

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What BizCubed’s CEO says about the alliance

Platform-as-a-service by BizCubed | iTMunch

The merged technology, Data Engineering and Enablement Platform will offer cutting-edge capability in social innovation and data engineering to accelerate co-creation. Zachary Zeus, the CEO of BizCubed Pty. Ltd., says the company is excited to bring their 15 years of experience in Australia through this partnership. He adds that BizCubed and Hitachi have produced innovative outcomes for their shared customers already in the past and they are excited to lean into Hitachi’s visionary initiatives of Smart Cities, Health, and Social Innovation. 

The CEO says the size, expertise and scale of Hitachi Australia complement BizCubed’s data engineering capabilities and they look forward to impacting the community positively, locally and beyond.


[1] Deloitte (2019) “The economic value of cloud services in Australia” [Online] Available from: https://www2.deloitte.com/content/dam/Deloitte/au/Documents/Economics/deloitte-au-economics-value-cloud-services-australia-230719.pdf [Accessed July 2020]

Image Courtesy: BlueCoat via Flickr

Logo Courtesy: Hitachi

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