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What is Content Syndication?

Content such as landing pages, emailers, designs is shared over a network of 1000+ platforms. This tool is referred to as Content Syndication.

Why choose IT Munch for Content Syndication?

IT Munch provides the best quality. It has a network of more than a thousand B2B and B2C content syndication platforms which comprises websites owned and managed by us. Our account based approach ensures your content generates the right type of engagement. What’s more? Even if you do not have content, our team of designers, writers and developers will create impactful content for you.


Over 1500 affiliate sites with 1 Million visits

Set-Up Time

24 hours turnaround time

Proprietary platforms

Projects Delivered

Delivered CS programs for 90+ brands globally 

How IT Munch works for you?

Share your content with us

It could be a video, infographic or a whitepaper.

Get it customized

We will develop custom landing pages, emailers and layouts to host your content.

Content is syndicated

Once approved by you, content is syndicated over a network of 1000 platforms.

Subscribers are notified

Subscribers to these platforms get notification about the new content.

Leads are shared with you

We compile information of those interacting with your content. The leads.

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