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Content Syndication Services

B2B content syndication means re-publishing content, such as whitepapers and blogs, on third-party websites with the core aim of generating new leads via prospective customer accounts. 

Use our network of over 1500 affiliate content syndication platforms to syndicate your content to the audiences you are aiming for. Reach an audience of more than 1 million users. 


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What is Content Syndication?

When web-based content, like blogs, infographics, articles and videos, are re-published by third-party websites, it is known as content syndication. For many large enterprises, B2B content syndication plays a crucial role in lead generation. Just like any other B2B marketing activity, B2B content syndication will be fruitful only if you’re working with a bullet-proof strategy and any solid strategy begins with great content. 

There are many B2B content syndication vendors out there who can help you in content syndication. But, we, at iTMunch, go that extra mile. First and foremost, we focus on understanding your business and your requirements.

Once we have a crystal clear understanding of your business goals, we research and identify the most suitable and appropriate content syndication partners for you and help you in mapping out your short and long-term B2B content syndication plan. 

We’ve delivered B2B content syndication services and programs for over 90+ brands globally. If you’re looking for B2B content syndication vendors, end your search now and reach out to us.

Why choose IT Munch for Content Syndication?

IT Munch provides the best quality. It has a network of more than a thousand B2B and B2C content syndication platforms which comprises websites owned and managed by us. Our account based approach ensures your content generates the right type of engagement. What’s more? Even if you do not have content, our team of designers, writers and developers will create impactful content for you.


Over 1500 affiliate sites with 1 Million visits

Set-Up Time

24 hours turnaround time

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Delivered CS programs for 90+ brands globally 

How IT Munch works for you?

Share your content with us

The first step is deciding on what content you want to syndicate through our B2B content syndication platform. This can be any digital asset – whitepapers, videos or infographics. Share your content with us and we will get it ready for syndication.

Get it customized

Now here’s when we get to work and develop customized landing pages for your target audiences. We also design sophisticated emailers with beautiful layouts to host your content which will be ultimately sent across via our B2B content syndication platform.

Content is syndicated

Once we have all custom landing pages, emailers and templates ready, we send them across to you for approval. Once you give us the ‘Go Ahead!’, we syndicate your content to our powerful network of more than 1500+ B2B content syndication platforms. Our top platforms are iTMunch, Toolsmetric and Whitepapers Online.

Subscribers are notified

Once we, your reliable B2B content syndication vendor, syndicate your content to our user base of over 1 million in our network, subscribers are notified. 

Leads are shared with you

At last, after sufficient time has passed since a round of content syndication, we compile a list of users who’ve liked and interacted with your content. You can use these leads to maximize your ROI and take your business to the next level.

Like What You See?

If you are interested in B2B content syndication services for your business, reach out to us. We are here to assist you to reach your business goals!