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Culture Amp lays off 8% of its employees | iTMunch

Culture Amp lays off 8% staff as it is impacted by COVID-19

Australian Unicorn Culture Amp lays off 8% of its workforce as it feels hit by the economic slump caused by COVID-19. With an overall...
Coronavirus-5g conspiracy theory | iTMunch

Mobile tower in Australia vandalized, a possible 5G conspiracy?

A telecommunications tower in Melbourne, Australia caught fire and the police think this could be related to the 5G conspiracy. There is a popular...
Video Chapters by YouTube | iTMunch

YouTube introduces ‘Video Chapters’ to make navigation easier

Youtube rolls out its new feature called ‘Video Chapters’ that will help viewers navigate better through long-form videos. The new feature will use timestamps...
how to spot fake news | iTMunch

What tech companies are doing to control the spread of fake news

The term "fake news" first gained popularity around the 2016 presidential elections, and since then politicians have not stopped talking about it. However, misinformation...

Australia wins the world’s first AI Eurovision song contest

The Australian song composed using artificial intelligence wins the first prize in the first AI Eurovision song contest. Australian song 'Beautiful the World' beat...