10 restaurants and shops in Port 73 shopping center in Haninge, Stockholm

Shops and Restaurants | Port 73

There are many shopping centers to choose from that are in Haninge. But we at Port 73 are proud to say we have everything you need! With a large selection of shops and restaurants, you can do all your business under one roof without having to go back and forth between different premises. A 20-minute drive takes you to a shopping center in Haninge 𑁋 Port 73!

5 popular restaurants in Haninge, Port 73

We have such a varied selection of restaurants in Haninge that the whole party can be satisfied! With everything from Italian to Turkish and Asian, we have something to suit everyone. We recommend 5 restaurants that are located at Port 73 so that you can have a fantastic taste experience. 

Efendi 73

With high-quality ingredients cooked on a charcoal grill, we can guarantee a fantastic dining experience at Efendi 73. With pride in tradition and culture, Turkish food is served that is cooked over open flames. Spicy Adana skewers, creamy Haydari, and crispy baklava are served both for lunch, dinner, and takeaway so you can enjoy Anatolian cuisine whenever and wherever you want.


If you need quick energy between shopping, Subway is a good option for you. With fresh, tasty, and high-quality sandwiches in just a few minutes, you can quickly replenish your energy to last the whole day!

Chill-In Café

If you are looking for a longer break, Chill-In Café is recommended. With fresh lunches and tasty breakfasts, you can enjoy life in a homely café. Read the newspaper, enjoy the company and get a well-deserved environmental change at Chill-In!

Al Forno

Is there anyone who doesn’t appreciate good Italian food? At Al Forno you will find everything you could possibly want from Italian cuisine with everything from homemade ciabatta to fresh salads and delicious pasta dishes!


At Port 73 you will find one of the best sushi restaurants in Haninge. Hot Japanese dishes such as yakiniku, traditional sushi, and sashimi are some examples of what you can enjoy in the newly renovated restaurant!

5 shops in a shopping center in Haninge, Stockholm

In addition to lovely restaurants, we have a large selection of shops in all their forms. Some of the most popular stores are:

Coop Forum & Willys

At the same time as you buy a new autumn jacket or toys for the children, you can take the opportunity to shop for food! Whether you need wholesale or just buy milk for your coffee, Coop Forum or Willys are right for you. 

Apotek Hjärtat

At Apotek Hjärtat you can buy everything from medicines to skin and dental care. If you’re going to Port 73, you might as well pick up your new prescription or buy a lovely and gentle body lotion!


Dressmann offers everything in men’s fashion you could possibly need. Buy a gift for someone close to you or treat yourself to a nice shirt!


Here you can find clothes for the whole family 𑁋 both for him, her and for the children! With high-quality clothing and great service, KappAhl meets your needs, and don’t forget to check out their popular Newbie baby and children’s clothing. 

In Port 73 you will find everything you need.

If you are looking for a shopping center in Haninge, you have found the right place! With a 20-minute drive, you will be in the heart of Södertörn, Port 73. With us, everyone is welcome no matter who you are, and we can guarantee that we have something that suits you. Visit us today!